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Hi guys, So if you are here then you made your mind to get started with laravel and that’s a good thing. Installing Laravel is not a straightforward process since it is not a zip package or installer to head start with. Below are steps we need to follow to setup laravel.

  • Download XAMPP
  • Create GITHUB Account and Setup git on your local machine
  • Install Composer
  • Clone Laravel 4
  • Create a test database
  • That’s it run it now

Feel free to jump video sections if you have already did it .

Below you can find some code snips from video

Download XAMPP
<a class="vglnk" href="" rel="nofollow"><span>http</span><span>://</span><span>www</span><span>.</span><span>apachefriends</span><span>.</span><span>org</span><span>/</span><span>en</span><span>/</span><span>index</span><span>.</span><span>html</span></a>
<a class="vglnk" href="" rel="nofollow"><span>https</span><span>://</span><span>github</span><span>.</span><span>com</span><span>/</span></a>
Github For Windows
<a class="vglnk" href="" rel="nofollow"><span>http</span><span>://</span><span>windows</span><span>.</span><span>github</span><span>.</span><span>com</span><span>/</span></a>
<a class="vglnk" href="" rel="nofollow"><span>http</span><span>://</span><span>getcomposer</span><span>.</span><span>org</span><span>/</span></a>
<a class="vglnk" href="" rel="nofollow"><span>https</span><span>://</span><span>github</span><span>.</span><span>com</span><span>/</span><span>laravel</span><span>/</span><span>laravel</span><span>.</span><span>git</span></a>
Hosts File
Apache httpd-vhosts
NameVirtualHost *
<VirtualHost *>
DocumentRoot "F:XAMPPxampphtdocs"
ServerName localhost
<VirtualHost *>
DocumentRoot "F:XAMPPxampphtdocslaravel_testpublic"
<Directory "F:XAMPPxampphtdocslaravel_testpublic">
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
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Imran is a web developer and consultant from India. He is the founder of KodeInfo, the PHP and Laravel Community . In the meantime he follows other projects, works as a freelance backend consultant for PHP applications and studies IT Engineering . He loves to learn new things, not only about PHP or development but everything.

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